Service with a Smile!

NeoGames has an unparalleled knowledge of the soft gaming market, so we can help our customers to maximize their earning potential, in a cost-effect manner.

  • We offer a comprehensive set of operational services which are required to manage a successful online operation.
  • We believe that knowledge and experience should be shared with our clients in order to build a long-term relationship, as well as a profitable online business.
  • We understand the importance of having experience in Internet-Focused Operational Services, which are different to “brick and mortar” lottery operational services as they offer a 24/7 service. They are dynamic and require interactive tools and knowledge, such as live chat and interactive knowledge centers.

We offer the following operational services:

Players Support:

By nature, we know that players expect faster reaction times, and online interaction, which is why our dedicated Customer Support team is always on hand to help all players with their queries, in a fast and efficient manner. As not all players are tech-savvy, our support team is highly trained to assist with all matters – from sign up to winnings withdrawals. We understand the importance of the Proactive philosophy, and that is why we approach players which we recogniseto have a problem, even without them approaching us.

  • Experience multilingual agents available 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • Industry-leading response times.
  • Services available via phone, emails and live chats in the relevant languages.
  • Our vast experience in working with specific local regulations, allows us to assist new members with their registration and verifications, within these markets.


CRM & Analysis:

Our expert retention marketing team has a profound understanding of the unique characteristics and profile of online soft gaming players. By providing a segmented and localized retention marketing strategy, we improve the player value, whilst maintaining high satisfaction player levels.

CRM Cycle:
– Segment players – Creation specific activities for each group – Analyse all promotions

  • Our CRM team continuously communicates with players, to provide a strong brand presence and promote player loyalty.
  • Sophisticated customer retention marketing campaign tools.
  • Profound insights and analysis of player behaviours and conversion rates.
  • Targeted promotions with up-sell/cross-sell possibilities allow us to specifically target smaller and more accurate player segments.


Payments & Solutions:

We offer an advanced gateway with 50+ different payment methods that manage payments and withdrawals localized to targeted markets and optimize to ensure the highest conversion rates.
We understand the importance of having a wide variety of local internet payment methods, including local e-banking, E-wallets, credit/debit cards, Mister Cash, and Siru for our mobile players. We also know the importance of optimizing the costs and approval rates of payments, as this contributes to the profitability, which is crucial for a successful business performance.
Service includes:

  • Ongoing optimization work.
  • Ensuring that we receive the highest approval rates at the lowest prices.
  • Billing services.


Compliance & Security:

With a flexible backend system, NeoGames is built to enforce compliance guidelines received from the various regulators. We have a vast experience in creating policies, tools and internal mechanism to support local Compliance requirements by various regulators in different countries. Additionally, we are constantly adding our own policies and procedures.
Our team is responsible for:

  • Setting the protocols and business rules in order to enforce money laundering policies, deposit limits and bet limits.
  • Monitor all the transactions in search for fraud suspects and define cash-out policies.



We know that the digital generation is mainly reached via digital channels, and therefore effective digital channel marketing is required to optimise knowledge to a point that every word and every image counts. Social and mobile media are the future, and we are taking every step to ensure that we are at the forefront of the industry within these sectors. NeoGames offers a wide variety of marketing services ranging from online marketing to offline marketing including:

– Affiliate marketing – Online display marketing – SEO

  • Every market is targeted by a team that will utilize its local expertise and connection to create a positive ROI driven activity.
  • Setting the protocols and business rules in order to enforce money laundering policies, deposit limits and bet limits.
  • Monitor all the transactions in search for fraud suspects and define cash-out policies.